The Absolute Truth About the Word of God

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the word of god is absolute


In college, I studied interpersonal communication. One important concept stressed is to avoid absolutes.

Humans are not “always” late, grumpy, or selfish. A person is not “never” attentive, a good listener, or nurturing. There are too many variables factoring into our personalities for there to be absolutes.

In light of this, one of God’s qualities that is hard to grasp is the fact that He is absolute.

When the word of God speaks in absolutes, it is because the statement is absolutely true.


When Jesus says to “cast all your cares onto Him”, He means it

ALL of your cares (1 Peter 5:7).

Not only the “big” issues that you think He might actually have time for, but all of them.

All of your burdens, all of your temptations, and all of your struggles.

This includes the mundane, daily struggles. This includes the little sins and temptations that “everybody” struggles with. This even includes the big secret you’ve been too afraid to admit, even to yourself.

He wants you to lay it on Him. All of it. Every time.


new creation in christ
The more you seek God, the more you learn how true His word is.

When Christ says He came to forgive our sins, He meant every single one

When Jesus says everyone who is in Christ is a new creation, He means everyone. Not everyone who has proven themselves through X number of good works or Y number of days without a slip-up (2 Corinthians 5:17).

When Jesus says those who confess their sins are forgiven, there’s a reason the sentence ends with a period. There are no qualifiers. He has already forgiven us, and He does purify us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9).

When God says He redeems our past and uses even our worst sins for His glory, it’s because He’s the God who turns evil into good (Genesis 50:20).

Even our darkest thoughts and worst qualities aren’t too big for God to handle.


When God says He is good, He means all the time

We have a very bad habit of applying human attributes to God and limiting God’s attributes to our human understanding. We believe there is a limit to His love and grace. We believe there are prerequisites to His forgiveness and blessings.

But, God.

By His grace, you have been saved.



Photo Credit: Dawn Ellner


Have you ever doubted one of God’s promises? Leave a comment letting me know how you find comfort in the absolute truth!


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  • Ken Dawson

    Very good and I agree–Here is a way that I explain it to folks–say a young girl of lets say 16 or maybe 18 who is a virgin but wants to get pregnant and have a baby so she goes out and buys a book that tells her truthfully on how to get pregnant and how to have a baby–she reads it even memorizes it BUT will she get pregnant or have a baby by just that belief? NO she will not! She will have to have intercourse with a male and then she will get pregnant and have a new creation inside of her to bear—our survival from this world that is under the control of satan is to come into union with the living God through our intercourse with the resurrected and enthroned Christ—it must be experienced not just believed in–after being birthed into Gods realm now for 40 years I have had the reality of this event confirmed to me by Gods very being many times–I do not care how people interpret scripture I KNOW absolutely–I have heard it from the horses mouth.

    • MeganInTheRealWorld

      That’s a great example, Ken!

      I’ve found that to be the most frustrating part of explaining my faith to others. I KNOW scripture is true because I’ve seen the promises fulfilled, I’ve felt God’s presence with me and I’ve experienced His Word lived out. It’s difficult to convey that absolute knowledge to someone who hasn’t had the same experiences. It’s like explaining the feeling of being in love as “you’ll know it when you feel it” to someone who’s never fallen in love themselves.