The Original STRW Tips: How to Break College Eating Habits

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break college eating habits like fast food

In case you missed the explanation, my introduction back into blogging will begin with a blast from the past. In honor of my three-year college graduation anniversary, I’m going to be re-publishing my original blog content.

This is the fifth installment of “The Original Surviving The Real World: Tips from my Former Self”.

Part 5: How to break college eating habits

Take it all with a grain of salt, and enjoy the journey!


Learn How to Break College Eating Habits After Graduation

In high school, I maintained a steady diet of McDonalds and Taco Bell. In college, I couldn’t afford to cook for myself every night (and I got sick of Ramen Noodles after about a month), so the Dollar Menu and I became best friends. College was also a time when my roommate and I would buy Haagen-Dazs and sit ourselves on the couch until we had finished the entire pint. I’m not proud of it.

break college eating habits like fast food
Developing good habits now is essential

Changing my eating habits is a step that was incredibly difficult because I love fried food, cheese, and ice cream. I’m lactose intolerant, but even that doesn’t deter my culinary indulgences. What finally did it for me was my best friend making the effort to change her own habits. This is a girl who was waking up at 5:00 every morning to go to work and then not coming home until almost midnight. Once she began to clean up her eating, I could see a marked difference in her energy levels and her mood. If she could do it, I could do it (and you can do it, too). This alone wasn’t enough for me to change completely, but it encouraged me to at least give cleaner eating a try. And it worked!

In addition to finding an excellent role model, here are five tips for breaking college eating habits.

5 Real World Tips to Break College Eating Habits

1. Say goodbye to the fast food

There’s just no excuse for it anymore. I know you’re tired and I know that driving through Burger King is easier than cooking for yourself, but it really is time to learn how to eat like an adult. If you’re working in an office, pack a lunch.

2. Learn to love cooking

I began cooking healthy recipes I would find on Pinterest and, slowly, began to cut out all fast food and soda from my diet. I began to feel my energy levels increase, my skin cleared up, I lost weight, and I found out I really love to cook! I do still indulge every once in a while, but, overall, my diet is much healthier than it was only a year ago.

3. Prepare meals in advance

There are tips on Pinterest (or you can Google them) on how to prepare meals in one day that will last you an entire week. There are even tips on how to pre-make meals for an entire month. If time and effort are your biggest excuses for not cooking, pre-make something that can be popped into the microwave or oven on the nights you’re just too exhausted to cook a full meal.

4. Grocery shop intentionally

I have a serious snacking problem (and a love of ice cream), but I’ve found that if there aren’t snacks or sweets in my apartment I rarely have a case of the munchies intense enough to leave the house for. When you go to the store, make a list and stick to it. Invest in healthier snacks that will satisfy your cravings but keep you from falling back into your old bad habits.

5. Eat at regular hours

College student eating hours tend to be along the lines of breakfast at noon, lunch around 3, and dinner sometime after 10pm (with constant snacking in between). Learn how to eat meals at regular intervals when the rest of the waking world is eating as well. Not only will this force you to be intentional about your eating, but your body’s metabolism will stabilize and you’ll fall into a healthier schedule.


Back to present day

Thanks for sticking with me, fellow RHIT! I hope you’ve enjoyed the fifth installment of “The Original Surviving The Real World: Tips from my Former Self”. Check back in later this week for part 6!


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