About Me – Megan’s Journey in Surviving The Real World


If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know I’ve put off writing an “About Me” page for about a year. I wrote my testimony as my first post and the “About the Blog” page sums up my feelings on love in Christ and the heart behind my blog.

I guess I never believed more information would be necessary or wanted. But, in the interest of having some piece of information about myself, I figured a video would be the way to go.


Quick Facts About Megan

  1. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas (and plan to die here)
  2. Spent 3 years away from Dallas to attend Texas Tech University (wreck ’em!)
  3. Mother of two fur babies (Shiner and Lloyd)
  4. Currently working in marketing (though trying to transition into higher ed)
  5. Big fan of wine and Bailey’s (not mixed together)


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