45 Dangerous Questions To Ask God (That Will Change Everything)

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With World Vision and the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case in the news this week, the Arizona bill last month and the Duck Dynasty controversy before that, my head is spinning.

There have always been groups fighting for “rights” under the basis of “religious freedom”, but it seems these instances are rapidly increasing. Maybe the issue of religious arrogance isn’t growing, but the attention it’s given certainly is.


What would Jesus have to say about these religious wars? We claim to fight for the purity of God’s Word, but is it the truth?

I’ve already said my peace multiple times regarding these issues, so that is not what this post is about.


Today, in response to current cultural events, I ask only this: the next time you’re faced with a “biblical” dilemma, a question of faith or a perceived persecution, stop for a minute.

Before the story is shared on Facebook, before the tweet is fully composed, before the blog post is published.


Just stop, and pray.

Don’t pray to tell God how you’re going to react.

Don’t pray for wisdom to formulate the words you want to say.

Don’t pray for strength against the backlash.


Pray to listen.


Ask a few simple questions, and then open your heart to the response.


I promise, it will change everything.

When I was still a baby Christian, I had a brilliant spiritual mentor who gave me a few “dangerous” questions to ask God.

These questions aren’t dangerous because they’re testing or questioning God’s power. They’re dangerous because, when sincerely asked with an open heart, these are questions God will answer.

These questions are dangerous because they are not to be asked lightly. They’re not to be prayed in the seconds before you fall asleep. They’re not to be asked for the sake of asking.


So proceed with caution. Do not ask these questions of God until you’re ready to know the answers.

These are the questions that WILL bring you into a deeper relationship with The Lord.

These are the questions that will change everything.


45 dangerous questions to ask God that will change everything:


Questions of Pride

1. Are my personal goals and desires based around Your will?
2. Where am I being self-righteous in my interactions with others?
3. Where is the sin I’ve closed my eyes to?
4. Who do I need to forgive?
5. Where am I being prideful?
6. Where am I overly concerned with what You’re doing in someone else’s life?


Questions of Focus

7. What do I need to learn from this situation?
8. Is my life truly centered on You?
9. What (or who) am I putting above You?
10. What is competing for my time and attention?
11. What (or who) is winning the battle?
12. In what areas of my life have I refused to make room for You?
13. How should I re-prioritize to make more room for You?
14. Where is my focus?


Questions of Motivation

15. Where is my heart?
16. Where do my desires not line up with your will?
17. Am I using the gifts and talents You’ve given me to YOUR glory?
18. Where am I trying to earn Your favor?
19. What sacrifices and acts of worship have been hollow offerings?
20. Do I care more about expanding Your kingdom or my own reputation?
21. What is my motivation?


Questions of Obedience

22. What is the attitude of my heart?
23. How do You want to use me in Your kingdom?
24. How are you trying to grow or change me?
25. Am I trying to grow with You, or just trying to complete the task?
26. What parts of my life do I need to surrender?
27. What parts of your Word have I been ignoring?
28. Where am I refusing to be obedient?
29. Where am I failing to fully serve You?
30. Where am I failing to fully serve Your children?
31. Where am I being disobedient?


Questions of Fear

32. Where is fear running my life?
33. Where have I been refusing to trust Your provision?
34. Where have I let worry take over?


Questions of Tradition

35. Do my traditions bring me closer to You, or create a barrier?
36. Do my traditions bring others to You, or create a barrier between You and them?
37. Are my beliefs producing humility or hypocrisy?
38. Am I taking a stand for You, or for my own rights and comforts?


Questions Regarding the State of Your Heart

39. Who is Jesus, and what does He mean to my life?
40. What are You trying to teach me about Yourself?
41. Do others see You through me?
42. What is the overarching characteristic of my life and personality?
43. Are the words I speak (or write or text) reflecting You?
44. What influences me?
45. Where am I failing to love?


This is by no means an exhaustive list, and of course every question will not apply to every situation. However, I fear Christians today are centering their lives and motivations less on Christ and more on their own desires.


It all comes down to an issue of motivation.

Am I motivated by the love of Christ, or by protecting myself (my comfort/reputation/perceived rights)?


Because something is seriously wrong when Christians are in the news more often for what they’re fighting against rather than who they’re serving.

I’ll say it again:

[Tweet “Christians should not be known for who they’re fighting against, but for who they’re serving.”]


So, the next time you’re wondering whether it’s biblical to deny your employees contraception because they might be unmarried, to deny aid to starving children because the middleman might be gay, or to condemn someone to hell for any reason, just stop.


[Tweet “Stop, pray, and ask God to reveal your true heart. The answer will change everything.”]


Do you have any questions to add to the list? Leave a comment with a few suggestions!

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