How To Explain God’s Existence (When You’re Not Sure Of It Yourself)

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explain god's existence


How do you explain the color “blue” to a blind man?
How do you explain the concept of “sky” to a child?
How do you explain “love”?

In school, I absolutely hated these questions. I’m an analytical person by nature, and these questions always seemed to require a conceptual response.


How do I explain “blue”? I Google the question, give the blind man a definition of color, then explain differences between “blue” and every other color on the spectrum.

How do I describe the concept of “sky”? I look up the exact point at which the ozone layer begins, the way the air scatters sunlight, and the job description of astronomers.


I research and regurgitate.


So when I’m asked by a non-Christian friend why they need God in their life, or how I can prove God’s existence, I’m at a total loss.


How do you explain God?

It’s not a question I can research the answer to – they’ve, more often than not, done the research themselves and turned up disappointing results.

They’re not asking for a regurgitation of information they’ve already heard. That He is good, hell is bad, salvation is for everyone and we need His love to feel happy and satisfied in our own lives.

I know plenty of happy, fulfilled atheists.


They’re asking me to explain the unexplainable.


To put into words this feeling that I just KNOW. Deep in the pit of my soul, I know that He is God, that He exists, and that I am His.

How do I put my soul into words?


How do I know God exists?

How to Explain God's existence
Jeremiah 29:13-14 gives us this promise, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you.”

Because there is too much intricacy in the world for me to reasonably believe it all happened by chance.

Because in school we studied chaos theory – the concept that even the most seemingly random assortment of matter, from star clumps to sand particles to snowflakes, fall into patterns and behave in accordance to some central force.

Because every group of people from the beginning of time had the same sense of yearning to know a higher power. To understand why the sun is visible during the day but not at night. To know why snow falls in the winter and rain falls in the summer. To understand lightning and fire.

Because I know what my life was like before I knew Jesus, and I know what my life is like now. I know what it feels like to be unbearably depressed, to want to die, to seek any way possible to numb the pain – even when the numbness eventually gives way to an even greater pain. And I know what it feels like to experience incomparable joy. To wake up with a sense of purpose. To know, at all times of the day and in all aspects of my life, that I am deeply loved.

Because I know what it’s like to feel angry and not know why, and what it’s like to feel lost and to have finally found a starting point for the answers I’ve been seeking.


I feel like a bad Christian sometimes

Sometimes, I wonder if the reason I prefer non-Christian friends is because they’re less likely to ask me about my relationship with God, which means I’m less likely to have to explain it.

Sometimes I wonder if, because I’m so incapable of putting it into words, I might be wrong.


But there’s something in me – something I just can’t explain right now – that gives me hope.

Hope that, one day, I’ll be able to answer this question.

Hope that, through my actions and words, I’ll be able to show the love of Christ, even though I can’t properly explain it myself.


Hope that one day, no one will need to ask this question. Because everyone will know and understand for themselves.


Photo Credit: taymtaym and Pavel Petros


How do you explain your relationship with God? How do you know for sure He exists?


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  • I like this. When teaching teenagers I frequently give a reason why faith is reasonable. They hear so much about why it isn’t that we need to be regularly giving them the alternate perspective.

    Another good post. You have a good blog.

    • MeganInTheRealWorld

      Thank you for liking my blog! 🙂

      And I completely agree. The younger generation especially is constantly receiving messages that only the unintelligent or the gullible are religious. It’s so hard to explain why intelligence and faith aren’t mutually exclusive.

  • ksed11

    I just discovered your blog. Very interesting material.

    Howdo you explain your relationship with God?

    I’m reminded of the film version of Return of the King, where those giant eagles are holding Sam and Frodo in their claws. One good squeeze, and kaput! But they’re there to protect. One can choose to accept the claws as protection, or fear the claws as prison.

    How do you know for sure He exists?

    I don’t think one can know for sure (if by ‘sure’ one means 100% certainty) He exists. But I do believe there are good reasons for thinking God exist that make His existence more probable than not.

    • MeganInTheRealWorld

      The Lord of the Rings metaphor is PERFECT! God really does treat us the same way. He’s here to protect us and yes, He’s big and intimidating and mighty, but it’s so He can fight the enemy. He could easily take us out in the blink of an eye, but when we choose to accept His love and protection, He gladly offers both – and SO much more!

      And I agree with you again – I don’t think we can know with 100% certainty that God exists. Honestly, the conclusion I’ve reached is that He doesn’t want us to have that certainty. Every day we have to fight the doubt and the uncertainty by seeking Him. Some days, He’s harder to find than others, but those are the days when I find myself searching for Him everywhere and keeping my focus completely on seeking His glory. He’s always been faithful in meeting me exactly where He needs me to be.