The Original STRW Tips: Find a Community

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find community for life


In case you missed the explanation, my introduction back into blogging will begin with a blast from the past. In honor of my three-year college graduation anniversary, I’m going to be re-publishing my original blog content.

This is the ninth installment of “The Original Surviving The Real World: Tips from my Former Self”.

Part 9: Plug into a community

Take it all with a grain of salt, and enjoy the journey!


Find a Community You Can “Do Life” With

find community for life
Make an intentional effort to build relationships at work and church and in real life

I know this is a very important step, but I’m going to use a life-line on this one. Fellow RHIT’s, how do you get involved?

I’ve tried getting involved in church but, even though I absolutely LOVE my church, something about finding a community there has just never “clicked”.

I’ve tried volunteering and, again, never found where it “clicked” (although part of the problem here is that I was trying to volunteer through the same church).

I have church friends, but no fellowship. I have work friends, but none that I can honestly say I’m very close with. I have a few best friends, but we all have our own lives and increasingly busy (and opposite) schedules.

I’m reaching out to y’all on help with this one – how do you find a community to “do life” with?


Update on my search for community

Hello, my fellow RHIT’s! I’m happy to have an update on this post: I have found a community!

I’ve mentioned before how much I love the bible study program I’m a part of, Bible Study Fellowship International. It’s an incredible, non-denominational, independent bible study organization. There are over 1,000 classes in 39 nations across 6 continents. So, there’s a good chance you have a class nearby! Through BSF, I’ve found a great group of women and a spiritual community.

I’ve also made an intentional effort to develop friendships with my coworkers and to rebuild relationships with my friends. One thing I’ve learned about the real world in the past three years: it’s hard to have friends as an adult.

As I said in my original post, people drift apart. Opposite schedules, new friends and significant others all contribute, but really it’s just a lack of effort.

I had a bad habit of turning down happy hours and work parties because I was either too busy or too tired or too afraid to put myself out there. I avoided small group bible studies because I preferred to read the World alone in my room. I went to church on Sunday and volunteered when possible, but I was also the person who would stand back and wait for someone else to make the first move.

Nobody can build your relationships for you. It’s up to you to take the first step. If your friends are too busy to hang out, ask again next week. Or, ask another friend. If you’re too tired, drink some coffee and hang out anyways (or make Starbucks your regular hangout spot).

You have to stop making excuses. You have to stop letting others define the terms of your friendships. Reach out, and make an effort.


Back to present day

Thanks for sticking with me, fellow RHIT! I hope you’ve enjoyed the ninth installment of “The Original Surviving The Real World: Tips from my Former Self”. Check back in later this week for the final piece in this series!


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