How To Become Rich (Even if You Don’t Make a Lot of Money)

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comfortable not rich

I’ve posted before about the 8 biggest reasons to work towards financial independence. In the post, I mentioned something that seems to confuse a lot of people.

We should work towards being comfortable, not rich.

While I do not want to be monetarily rich, I do work every day towards living a richer, fuller life.

This, my fellow RHIT’s, is how you can become truly rich (even if you don’t make a lot of money):

For me, richness comes from waking up every day and working towards a goal I fully stand behind.
I am not working for a company whose values I disagree with. I do not work to make someone else money. My work does not bring unnecessary harm to others. I work for myself. I work to further my writing goals and to bring glory to the King.

comfortable not rich
It’s a tough concept for some to grasp

I feel richer every day I make my own lunch and dinner.
While I enjoy the occasional meal out, I no longer have to live off fast food. When I was working in the corporate world, I would go out and grab fast food or scarf some Ramen Noodles multiple times a week because I had forgotten to pack my lunch the night before. Other nights I would drive through McDonald’s or order a pizza because I was so emotionally drained, the thought of standing in the kitchen for 30 minutes to make a meal was just too much. Now, I can actually enjoy the rare bought meal. I can enjoy cooking. I have the luxury of enjoying every meal because I know it is benefiting my body and my wallet.

My greatest reward is spending time with my family.
My grandmother recently underwent heart surgery. I had one week’s notice that she would be going into surgery in a town three hours away. Even if I were still working my corporate job, I would have been with my grandmother for the surgery. To do so, I would have given up two days’ pay (my company did not give vacation days to new employees until the following year). The fact that I had enough saved in the bank meant I would have been able to easily take the two days off work in order to see my grandmother without having to worry about the lost income or the additional expenses of driving to see her.


Being financially independent was a gateway to enjoying the true riches and rewards of life. I had the financial cushion available to safely walk away from a job that was unfulfilling.

That cushion is big enough to allow me the chance to build my own business without having to also worry about what I’m going to eat or whether I’ll be able to afford rent.

It’s true, money cannot buy happiness. However, taking control over your money can give you the freedom to follow your true passions.

Without the distraction of debt or poverty, I am free to enjoy all the other riches of life.

Financial independence is a true blessing.


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Leave a comment telling us when you feel richest. Where do you find your greatest rewards?


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