How To Find Christ By Walking Away From Christians

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Christians looking for Christ in Church
This week I was incredibly blessed to publish a guest blog post on Zōē Perissos. Zoe Perissos is another great Christian blog run by the wonderful Brandon Chase.

Brandon’s blog is similar to mine in that it speaks to a generation fighting to live in Christ while admitting humanity. I absolutely love it!


Brandon was gracious enough to allow me to write a piece for his readers:


How to Find Christ by Walking Away from Christians


While I dive into my history with the Lord here on Surviving the Real World, this piece goes a little deeper into the circumstances that led me to leave the Church initially and the grace that brought me back.


“We don’t want to leave path #1 because then we’ll be “found out”. When nobody knows the pain and the secrets, nobody can judge the mistakes…We don’t want to leave path #2 because giving up the life we’ve built for ourselves is too hard. It’s just not fair. Our friends are still living as they choose.”


Click here to read the full post on Zoe Perissos.


Photo Credit: Geir Halvorsen


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  • Matt

    How very true this post strikes me. Its not just in youth groups and twenty-somethings. I find that stuff even now and find it hard to get excited about even dating Christian women because they shred me over all my imperfections, whether I intend malice or not. It makes being alone and isolation seem like bliss when we all know its not what Gods intent for people is.

    • I just think the Church has been having an incredibly difficult time teaching men and women how to relate to each other as God intended. It’s incredibly unfortunate, because it’s leading to experiences like yours. It’s as if we’re taught this one-dimensional version of each other (men only want one thing and women were put here to complete their husbands), so we have no idea how to have complex, honest relationships with one another. I’m sorry this has been your experience!