Stop Wasting Energy Living In Fear

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Don't waste time with worry about tomorrow


Research shows adults who have significant phobias are those who never took excessive risks as kids.


Why is this?


Because the kids who climbed to the top of the tree, started fires or spend their nights wandering alone through the woods had faced their fears and won. Even those who fell out of the tree, burnt their hands or suffered a few spooks and scares knew they’d faced the worst possible outcome – and survived.

Their fear is gone because they’ve experienced the worst-case scenario.

They know life continued despite their pain.

“By engaging in risky play, children are effectively subjecting themselves to a form of exposure therapy, in which they force themselves to do the thing they’re afraid of in order to overcome their fear. But if they never go through that process, the fear can turn into a phobia.”

– Hanna Rosin, based on a study by Ellen Sandseter


When we have worry, anxiety, and an indistinguishable fear of the future, more often than not it’s simply a fear of the unknown. You “might” lose your job tomorrow. Someone you love “might” be in a car accident or get hurt in another way. The love of your life “might” leave you.


[Tweet “You’re not afraid of specific scenarios, you’re afraid you won’t be able to handle them.”]


Anyone who’s been through a traumatic breakup knows it’s something they can survive. No, it’s not fun. But it’s something they’ve gotten through before and can get through again.

Anyone who’s been fired or laid off knows there will be another job.

Maybe not immediately and maybe not exactly as they’d intended, but job loss is something you can survive.

Anyone who’s lost a loved one knows this is an unimaginable pain, but it doesn’t have to steal your joy for the rest of your life. Your life continues to go on, and there are blessings in every day.

Next time you’re worried about the future, think about the absolute worst outcome that could come from the situation.

You could walk into work tomorrow and immediately be let go.

I love the scene in “Up in the Air” when George Clooney and Anna Kendrick are firing J.K. Simmons, and Clooney talks to Simmons about his dream.

Simmons’ character always wanted to go to culinary school, but his job was so stable, he couldn’t bring himself to quit. Clooney’s character explains this is his opportunity to reignite that dream.

“You have an opportunity. This is a rebirth.”

Yes, it sucks to lose your job. Yes, things are going to be tight for a while and sacrifices have to be made.

But God brings beauty from the ashes.

I’m not just saying that, either.

Growing up, my dad always worked in advertising. I’m not sure if you know anything about the advertising industry, or the job market for a high-level executive in Dallas during the early 2000’s, but it hasn’t been good.

Throughout my life, my father has been unemployed more often than he’s had a steady job.

Not because he isn’t talented and not because he isn’t an exceptional employee. But because God’s always had a bigger plan than the company he was working for at that moment.

Find your passion. Chase your dreams. There’s nothing stopping you.

And, more likely than not, you won’t walk into work tomorrow and lose your job.

You’ll have spent an entire day’s energy worrying about an outcome that didn’t come to fruition.

You were grumpy with your wife, short with your kids and went to sleep with tight shoulders and a stomachache over a scenario that came to pass.

Isn’t that a lot of wasted energy?

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” – Matthew 6:34

I know it’s not as simple as “stop worrying,” but life is going to throw a lot of crap your way.

Chances are, the crap you’re given is only 1/10th as bad as the crap you’ve spent all day worrying over.

Even if that bad thing does happen, you’ll survive. You’ll find new opportunities. You’ll grow stronger for the experience. And the next time you’re in the same position, you’ll realize there’s no reason to worry or to be afraid.

You’ve already fallen out of the tree, and the worst thing to come of it was a broken arm. You survived.

And you’ll survive next time.


Photo Credit: Candida.Performa


What’s your biggest worry? Is there anxiety in your life you haven’t surrendered to God? Leave a comment letting me know of a time God was faithful against your biggest fear!


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  • Nancy Crompton

    I am 52 and I am burned out. I have been filled with anxiety for a good portion of my life. I think you are right. In fact, I know that you are right. As a child I was not given the opportunity to take risks. Now I worry a lot of the time and I am struggling even to eat. I hope there is someone out there who reads this blog that can encourage those of us who struggle with this problem. I hate it. I don’t want to live like this anymore.

    • Nancy, I’m so sorry to hear that. The only advice I can give you is to surrender it all. Accept that most things in this life you have little to no control over. Worrying isn’t a form of control. I know it isn’t as easy as “just stop worrying,” but I can tell you from personal experience, the most effective way to get over a fear is to face it.

      I don’t know your personal story, but I’m willing to bet you’ve survived many rough situations you never thought (at the time) you would make it through. Being able to get through something difficult proves your strength. Whatever comes up next, you just have to remember you’re strong enough to handle it. And, thankfully, you’re not alone.

    • MeganInTheRealWorld

      Hey Nancy, I’m not sure what your exact situation is (or if this is relevant), but I happened to watch this video yesterday and thought it might help you in what you’re going through.

  • Kenneth Dawson

    I was fearful when I went through my wife divorcing me but here I am ten years later living as if it never happened and it’s all because I died to my own control and put it in the hands of my lord.

    • MeganInTheRealWorld

      Amazing things can happen when we surrender our every day!